Could Prince Harry GET any more perfect? Not only is he whisking girlfriend Meghan Markle on swoon-worthy getaways, but it seems as though he’s constantly doing good deeds for charity, just as his mother, Princess Diana Spencer, did. Last summer, the Prince surprised everyone by taking a very public HIV test, and this week, he was at it again.

The Running Charity is the UK's first running-orientated programme for homeless and vulnerable young people. The programme engages young people in regular running-based activities with qualified fitness professionals as coaches, harnessing the underlying benefits of the sport as a powerful motivational tool. / AFP / POOL / GEOFF PUGH (Photo credit should read GEOFF PUGH/AFP/Getty Images)

Running through North London unannounced, Harry took to the streets to support a UK charity called (what else?) The Running Charity. The org, which uses exercise as a tool to help get youth off the streets in London, was hosting the run, and Harry surprised people by unexpectedly turning up to race.

Prince Harry Visits The Running Charity

Keeping pace with the runners, the charity’s program officer Claude Umuhire said that the Prince fit right in, both during the warm-up and while running through the neighborhood. “He found everything easy. I tried to get him in the warm-up but he did pretty well; he kept giving me looks though every time I said five squats,” said Claudia.

It seems Harry’s enjoying himself, focusing on his romance, charity work and living his best life — which is exactly how we’d be living too, if we were part of the royal family!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan Magazine; photos via Geoff Pugh, WPA Pool, Chris Jackson/Getty)