Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quietly went on their honeymoon shortly after their May 19 wedding, and while rumors about where they traveled were rampant, the official details were kept understandably under wraps. Recently, however, Harry revealed a detail that squashed one popular theory, and now we have even more questions.

At a Queen’s Young Leaders awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, one of the guests, a young philanthropist from Namibia, asked Harry whether he and Markle had traveled to the country for their honeymoon, as was widely believed to be the case.

“No, we didn’t go to Namibia,” he replied, according to People. He then quipped that he wasn’t going to divulge where they went as he motioned toward the intently listening media.

The royal couple are believed to have spent approximately two weeks away on their honeymoon, but the specifics remain a tightly guarded secret. In addition to Namibia, other locations the newlyweds were rumored to be considering include Botswana (where they previously had a romantic getaway for Markle’s birthday) and Canada.

The couple were said not to be going to Toronto (Markle’s former home base when she starred on Suits), but to beautiful Jasper, Alberta. One resort, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, however, denied the rumors. The mystery continues!

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(photo via Chris Jackson/Getty Images)