Apparently, no one told artist Laura Miller not to play with her food. Instead, this Instagram phenomenon is taking mealtime and turning it into some seriously gorgeous works of art.

From self-portraits to inspired landscapes, Miller uses some unique materials to make her photos stand out from the crowd: raw fruits and veggies. Add that unique style to her successful vegan blog and it looks like she’s poised to become a budding Internet superstar.

Whether Miller is posing for a self-portrait with a head covered in beans, or lying against a vibrant blanket of citrus, she highlights the bounty of fruits and veggies that make up the main part of her raw, vegan lifestyle. Oh, and she looks incredible while doing it. Color us super jealous!

We love these inspired and unique photos simply because they’re so different from anything we’ve ever seen before (and we follow a ton of Instagrammers!). Mushrooms become hairstyles, carrots become pillows and sometimes she just does some crazy cool things like balance a melon on her head. Seriously, we’re not even going to pretend we could do that.

And unlike many other food photographers out there, Miller still manages to shine as the star in her work. That being said, scrolling through her feed makes us want to dash to the farmers market, STAT. We only have one suggestion for her… how about adding some fun fruit print clothes to your next shoot? :)

How do you like this fruit and veggie-filled feed? Which shot is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below and be sure to follow Laura @ImLauraMiller!