We鈥檝e got some good news and some bad news for you. Let鈥檚 start with the bad: Researchers found a flaw in the iMessage system that makes it easy for hackers to peak in on what you鈥檙e sending. The good news: Apple has already identified the problem, and if you update your iOS now, you should be in the clear.

Young woman using cellphone outdoors.

Over the weekend,聽researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a report that highlighted a weakness in the Apple encryption system. Basically, this *very technical* cyber attack would allow hackers easy聽access to your messages and any attachments sent over iMessage. And because Apple doesn鈥檛 rotate聽its encryption code, hackers would be able to see everything you鈥檝e ever sent, all stored in the cloud. The researchers also think聽that, using the same attack, hackers would be able to access some Bluetooth information on your phone.

But there鈥檚 no need for alarm just yet. Apple was notified of the issue in November of 2015 and fixed it for the iOS 9.3 update (the one that came out in March). So if you鈥檙e all caught up with your system updates, your messages should be safe 鈥 for now.

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(h/t Mac Rumors; photos via Getty)