We’re not really sure where the term “bliss ball” came from, but we do know what it tends to mean: A blissfully flavored, guilt-free, uber yummy dessert that comes in the shape of a cute little ball. Whether you prefer vegan desserts or Paleo desserts (or both!), there’s probably a delicious bliss ball recipe out there for you. Bliss balls are often made with ground nuts, shredded coconut, natural sweeteners like dates or stevia, nut butters, and healthful additions like matcha powder or cinnamon. Whatever form they come in, they tend to be AH-mazing. Here are 12 of our favorite ideas.

1. Shades of Bliss: Like we said, bliss balls comes in TONS of different flavors and colors. Here are a few of the most popular choices out there: Matcha balls, coconut balls, and peanut butter balls. (More to come on all three of these fronts, we promise).

2. Rum-Free Rum Balls: Rum balls are an old standby, but these healthy, booze-free balls are full of protein, and therefore qualify as bliss balls. If you want a little *actual* rum on the side, serve these as a healthy dessert accompaniment to evening cocktails.

3. Chocolate Drizzle: Raw, vegan, and refined sugar-free, these incredible balls pack a major flavor punch. Drizzle stevia-sweetened dark chocolate over top for a healthy and sweet finish.

4. For Chocoholics: We spot some shredded coconut in there, sure, but these balls are practically PURE chocolate. They’re ideal for those days when you want something slightly crunch and insanely chocolatey to snack on.

5. Seeing Green: If you want a pretty green hue on your bliss balls, you have two options: Confectioners sugar with green food dye, or matcha green tea powder. Both options are incredibly delish.

6. Lemon Poppyseed: These lemon poppyseed and coconut bliss balls are *bursting* with light, sweet flavor. They’re also raw, so they’re perfect for making ahead of time, popping in the fridge, and enjoying for an on-the-go breakfast.

7. Supergreen: If you REALLY want to take your bliss balls to the next level of healthiness, look no further than these bad boys. They are absolutely covered in matcha green tea powder, making them just as cool to look at as they are yummy to eat.

8. Think Pink: You can make pretty, girly bliss balls with the creative use of one surprise ingredient: beets. Beets are naturally sweet and VERY pink in hue. Just soak your coconut flakes in beet juice for this gorgeous effect.

9. A Little Seedy: For another unique option, roll your bliss balls in chia seeds. It’ll give them a nice crunch coating, and — BONUS — chia seeds are absolutely packed with omega-3s.

10. Pretty in the Sun: Don’t these bliss balls look gorgeous next tot hose orange trees in the light of the summer sun? We think so. Lemon and orange zest are the perfect sunny addition to these coconutty dessert bites.

11. Blueberry Morning: Nothing says good morning quite like a blueberry muffin, but these blueberry bliss balls are *just* as yummy — and they’re A LOT healthier. Bonus points for serving them in a bowl of fresh blueberries.

12. Classic Choco-Coco: We thought we’d end on a classic note. These babies are the epitome of bliss ball deliciousness. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate balls with a coconut finish.

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