Quilting doesn’t need to be old-school. In fact, there are a ton of different ways you can make a modern quilt to cozy up with this fall and winter. If you’re a pattern-lover like us, you’ll dig all of the modern quilt inspo in the makersphere these days — or we’re thinking this ombre triangle quilt would make an adorable heartfelt (and handmade) gift for a baby shower.

Now you just need to learn how to make that modern quilt, right? Lucky for you, we partnered with the super rad Libs Elliott to help make quilting cool again. In her upcoming online class, Intro To Modern Quilting, her goal is to make sure you walk away from her course thinking “quilting is FUN.”

She’s here to walk you through all the quilting materials, techniques and steps to make a hand-made modern quilt that you can feel proud of. And bonus: She’s got all the encouragement you’ll need to stay positive and organized as you start out on your quilting adventures.

Plus, we’ll have a handy-dandy supply kit that you can scoop up to make taking the class super easy (and help you save on supplies).

Ready to make your first quilt? Sign up today and you’ll enjoy 15% off when the class goes live. Just give us a few details in the form linked below, then sit back, relax and we’ll send you an email with a code when the class becomes available in the Brit + Co Shop.

Pre-registration closed as of 2pm PST on 9/19.