As Rachel Lindsay’s season comes to a dramatic end (with buzz that her final breakup will be the “most heart-wrenching of all time”), we’re still reeling over this week’s Men Tell All special, which featured a Lexi-related rant from DeMario Jackson and a confrontation with Lee Garrett about his racist tweets. Ahead of next week’s finale, Lindsay looked back on her time as The Bachelorette, and revealed there’s one key thing that she regrets.

Rachel Lindsay at the ESPYs

“If I’m just honest, I’m going to be 100 percent honest,” the 32-year-old lawyer told Us Weekly. “I’m just going to say one word: Lee.” Oof. It turns out that Lindsay doesn’t regret any moves she made romantically during her time on the show, or anything she might have (over)shared on screen. Instead, she regrets one lone dude: Lee Garrett. She made her thoughts a little clearer by adding, “I would have sent him home sooner.”

Garrett, for his part, offered something of an apology during Men Tell All, saying, “I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable in inappropriate times. It doesn’t always come off right…” And while Chris Harrison told E! News that he hopes Garrett learned from the experience, fellow former contestant Dean Unglert wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. “He’ll say and do things and then when he’s put on the spot, he will manipulate it to try and make people think he’s apologizing and make them feel better about themselves, but I’m not a fan,” Unglert said.

If he is willing to change his ways, Lindsay is there to help. Replying to Garrett’s apology on Monday, she said, “You can meet me backstage and I’d be more than happy to give you a black history lesson and a lesson on women’s rights.”

Let’s hope Garrett took Lindsay up on that offer. Then maybe he’ll no longer be her one regret.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)