While beautiful, well-made clothing is something we look for in every fashion brand, it’s even better when we come across one that also embodies a positive message. NYC-based label Rallier has set out to not only design classic dresses, but also elevate the notion of social responsibility in fashion by raising awareness for gender equality for girls around the world.


The idea for Rallier started three years ago when founder Olivia Rose Fay watched the documentary Girl Rising and was shocked to learn about the millions of girls who don’t have access to education. Her research led to a study that showed that owning a school uniform greatly reduced school absenteeism, which, if you think about it, is something we can all relate to: Too often does our outfit (or lack thereof) affect where we go and what we do. This gave Olivia the opportunity to tie in her love of fashion with her desire to do something for the greater good by creating a brand that would incorporate the giving strategy into the design of the clothes. For every dress sold, Rallier will source school uniforms from regions plagued by gender inequality and give them to young girls to encourage them to attend school.


Ranging from from $295 to $495, the dresses are available on Rallier’s website, and the sneak peeks on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages have already proven that these are dresses any girl would love to wear. The simple and classic designs are made interesting by combining unexpected ideas together: girly, off-the-shoulder silhouettes using men’s suiting fabric and textured edges on traditionally crisp gingham. The first collection has just launched, so go on and play your part in minimizing the gender gap and empowering women worldwide by buying a Rallier dress.


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(Photos via Rallier)