Mealtime has been seriously upgraded by technology. From quirky innovations to tools so useful they can even help detect rotten food or save you from overcooking your dinner, the food game is constantly evolving. And while all the culinary gadgets and apps out there can be really helpful in finding new and exciting cuisine, sometimes all you want is a favorite dish. Like a big bowl of ramen. Well, the innovative geniuses have us covered there, too. Behold the Ramen Spoon/Fork, a tool that finally puts to rest the conundrum of eating both the noodles and the broth in your favorite budget-friendly bowl.

Even though it’s one of the hardest things in the world to eat, Ramen has gotten us through life. It’s sustained us when we’re low on cash or can’t possibly spare anything more than a couple minutes to create a complete meal. Historically, this dish has been less-than-fun to eat because the unwieldy, spattering noodles need to be tamed by a fork or chopsticks, while the tasty broth can only be consumed via spoon.

The Ramen Spoon/Fork handles both jobs beautifully. The pronged tips easily get the noodles from bowl to mouth while the hollow spoon helps scoop the broth. You’ll love it so much, you’ll probably find yourself using it on all your other noodle soups. Pair it with the anti-loneliness ramen phone holder and you’ll be relishing not just a budget-friendly noodle meal, but the innovative awesomeness that has improved mealtime.

The sensible gadget is available on Amazon for $20, which means you’ll probably want to grab a couple extra in case your roommate snags yours or you want to stuff stockings with it this holiday season.

What’s your favorite food innovation? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

(GIFs via Uncommon Goods)