We had so much fun compiling our wackiest wedding cake roundup that we just had to create another post dedicated to all the awesome cake art out there. This time, it鈥檚 all about the hyper-realistic cake. You know, like the hamburger cake that actually looks like a McDonald鈥檚 hamburger? These 16 cakes look like they could be something else entirely, but don鈥檛 worry; there鈥檚 still tons of sweet stuff inside. Get ready to be wowed.

1. Nikon Camera: This realistic cake is certainly photo-ready, wouldn鈥檛 you say? And the red velvet inside looks just as good as the perfectly sculpted outside. (via Fancy)

2. Asparagus Cake: We鈥檝e just found our favorite bunch of asparagus. When you cut into it, there鈥檚 chocolate cake and thick layers of rich buttercream inside. (via Cheezburger)

3. Giraffe: We never knew we wanted a giraffe cake, but now we do. This awesomely shaded giraffe head even has neck wrinkles. (via Cake Central)

4. Cactus Cupcakes: You know we鈥檙e all about these succulent-inspired treats. The gravel-y cupcake topping was the perfect touch. (via Geekologie)

5. Sandwich: The tallest sandwich we鈥檝e ever seen, complete with ruffled potato chips, is actually a cake. We鈥檙e not mad at it. (via Beautiful Life)

6. Banana: A giant banana cake? That鈥檚 hilar. (via Buzzfeed)

7. Bag of Bagels: We spy a salt bagel, a rye bagel and鈥 is that a poppy seed one? But don鈥檛 break out the schmear just yet, because that鈥檚 a cake! (via Charm City Cakes West)

8. Terrier Cupcakes: We can almost hear them barking. Almost. (via The Cupcake Blog)

9. Jupiter: The marbled effect of this cake is spectacular, and the colorful sphere layers are just out of this world. (Pun intended.) (via The Kitchn)

10. Up House: We can鈥檛 even begin to express how happy we are that someone captured the pure magic of the Up house in cake form. Take us with you, Mr. Frederickson! (via Better Homes & Gardens)

11. 3D Hamburger: Seriously? The 鈥渃heese鈥 looks like it鈥檚 actually melting. (via Cake Stories)

12. Chocolate Kiss Cupcakes: Well, we are officially craving chocolate Kisses now, but we guess cake will do. (via The Tomkat Studio)

13. Dropped Ice Cream: We鈥檙e glad this ice cream was dropped right on top of a cake. Oh wait, it鈥檚 part of the cake. (via Buen Finde)

14. Banana Split: Scotts must be one pretty awesome dude to score a cake like this. It鈥檚 all about the details, always. (via Beautiful Life)

15. Chocolate Cup Cake: A hot chocolate cup cake? We love how punny this is. (via Buzzfeed)

16. Rose Cupcakes: These are the most perfect frosting roses we have ever seen. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

Which of these hyper-realistic cakes is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!