The whole world is going on right outside your doorstep — but you’d rather stay in and snuggle up with your new little bundle. And you aren’t alone. Plenty of busy moms would gladly quit their jobs, skip the grocery store, and ditch all of those extra little errands in favor of some parent-child bonding time. The only issue is that you have things to do — so many things to do. Well, take a break from that to-do list and check out why you should prioritize that snuggle time right now.

1. Science says so. Skin-to-skin contact may have health and developmental benefits for babies. In one study, preterm infants who had more gentle contact with their parents had a stronger response (to their parents) than those who had less contact. Cuddling early in life may sensitize babies to touch and build social-emotional development.

2.Time flies. Right now it feels like your kiddo will stay a baby forever. If only that was true. In the time it takes you to say, “I can’t believe I have a teenager” you’ll have an actual teenager, and that cuddly kid will be way more interested in her friends, texting, and rolling her eyes than she is in giving good ol’ mom a hug. Take advantage of your baby’s love of snuggles while she’s still young enough to enjoy it.

3.De-stress. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the go 24/7, and you need to stop and slow down. Down time pulls double duty when you use it to bond with your baby. Instead of kicking back by yourself, pick up your little one, hold her close, and de-stress as a duo.

4.It’s bonding. Bonding with your baby doesn’t necessarily happen on its own; sometimes you have to work at it. Cuddling with your baby helps the two of you connect in a way that popping her into the stroller and pushing her around just won’t. It gives the two of you some alone time and lets you both focus on that mother-baby bond.

5.You need it. Your day sucked. Seriously. You dropped your phone into the dirtiest, grease-filled puddle on the street; you forgot that you were supposed to head a major presentation at work; and you’re pretty sure your snotty co-worker just got the promotion that should have been yours. Hmm. Right now you could use some snuggle time. Ditching all of your other plans to cuddle with baby can magically transform your day from tear-worthy to tremendous.

6.It can help them sleep. Calming down with cuddle time may help your little one drift off to dreamland. Whether she falls asleep in your arms or is chill enough after a snuggle session to finally fall asleep solo in her crib, this time together can help your baby get the shut-eye she desperately needs.

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