Now that spring is in the air and the warm weather has come out to play, it’s time to get focused on your favorite easy spring recipes, including JAM. Our Jam-Making Online Class ($19) is taught by Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars and is the perfect hobby to learn as your favorite fruits start to sprout. Have yet to be persuaded? Scroll on for three reasons why you should take this online class this weekend.


Why You Should Learn How to Make Jam

1. Learn a new money-saving skill. Take just under 30 minutes this weekend, and learn about jam making with our online class. You’ll learn fruit prep, stovetop prep, canning safety, shelf-life and more, which gives you a budge-friendly way to stock your shelves.

2. Start a new hobby you can do year-round. Spring is a perfect excuse to start your jam session. However, jam making can really happen whenever. This hobby will keep your schedule (and tummies) full all year. Once Marisa teaches you the ins and outs of creating these sweet spreads, brunch at your place will never be the same.

3. Give the best gifts. Be the focus of all your springtime and holiday parties with your homemade jam. Marisa will teach you how to create colorful concoctions to give away at any gathering. Plus, who doesn’t love a sweet treat?


So let’s make your grandma proud — take our Jam-Making Online Class today!

Plus, Marisa just launched a new book, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars and has generously provided our readers with THREE new recipes that she’s selected from it. Which means, once you’ve learned the basic skills of jam making and canning, you can also get into natural butters, syrups and even pickling and brining.

Marisa’s Exclusive Recipes


1. Blueberry Butter: Blueberry butter is great in bar cookies and homemade cereal bars. Plus, it makes an amazing teacher’s gift from the kiddos. You can download the naturally sweet blueberry butter recipe here.


2. Minty Pickle Spears: These sweet and tangy pickles are perfect for a summertime potluck, BBQ or picnic. You can download the naturally sweet minty pickle spears recipe here.


3. Rhubarb Parsley Syrup: This springtime syrup is great for adding color and flavor to a glass of sparkling water or spritzer. Plus, we hear that a drizzle of it to a dish fruit salad does amazing things. You can download the naturally sweet rhubarb parsley syrup recipe here.

Taking the class? Give us a shoutout on Twitter @BritandCo and tell us what you’re excited to learn.

(Photos via Brit + Co and Steve Legato / Naturally Sweet Food in Jars © 2016 by Marisa McClellan, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group.)