7 Brit-Approved Ways to Wear Red, White + Blue (Shop the Looks!)
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7 Brit-Approved Ways to Wear Red, White + Blue (Shop the Looks!)

With the Olympics about to kick off tomorrow, we have to say, we’re feeling pretty patriotic here at Brit HQ (#’merica). So we feel it’s only appropriate to show our support by sporting our best reds, whites, and blues during the competition. No, that doesn’t mean that we’re taking style pointers from Uncle Sam, but believe us: there are easy ways to combine these three bold colors to make cohesive, modern looks that you could wear all year round. Just check out these seven Brit-approved ways to wear red, white, and blue, complete with links to shop each of our hand-picked looks.

1. With Plaid (shirt $15, pant $58): With the ‘90s style revival back in full swing, plaid is everywhere these days and as we all know, red, white, and blue is a go-to color combo on flannels (score!). If you can’t find an all-in-one pattern, like what’s on this sleeveless button up top, we recommend rocking a buffalo plaid—these pants with a flowy white blouse and a navy blue manicure is perfection.

2. With Stripes (cardigan $60, similar top $32): You won’t find any stars lurking around these white stripes—on wardrobe staples, this classic pattern is striking as is. With thin red contrast stripes, or even a color block of royal blue, these striped tops are effortlessly chic.

3. Layer It On (blazer $51, sweater $78): We’re in the prime of layering season, so take advantage and pile on the red, white, and blue one piece at a time. We’re going ga ga for this bright red blazer-chambray shirt combo—rock a white belt over that leather skirt to complete the look. Or toss this tri-colored sweater over the same base layer for a casual-cool look.

4. With Accessories (shoes $135, similar bag $48): No outfit is complete without fierce accessories, and with jean as our canvas, it’s way simple to add pops of red and white. Red hot pumps and a fiery roll top clutch especially stand out and are easy to pair with a versatile white top or Canadian tux (it’s back!).

5. With a Red Lip (looks via NastyGal and Kate Spade Saturday): If you ask us, the classic red lip is the ultimate style accessory. Any outfit can benefit from this bold look, from the uber casual high waisted jeans and a tee to a more polished collared shirt and trousers combo. Just make sure you’re savvy on which shade of red lipstick works best with your skin tone and you’re good to go.

6. With Bold Bottoms (looks via Kate Spade Saturday and Anthropologie): Pass up your blue jeans to get this look that adds the pop of patriotic color to the bottom half of your outfit. Since retailers like UNIQLO and American Apparel make it oh so easy to buy affordable basics in just about every color of the rainbow, you have no excuse.

7. One Stunning Cocktail Dress (dress $478, dress $398): See, we weren’t joking: red, white, and blue can look seriously smart together, even on the same garment. Why? Since the colors are the graphics, they each have a purpose so that collectively, they can flat out stun.

What looks did you find most shoppable, or which would you recreate with your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below.