Earlier this summer, Reese Witherspoon showed us how she brunches in style. We couldn’t help but notice her cup of coffee decked out with artsy pineapples. Since we’re die-hard fans of anything fruit print, we set out to make a copycat DIY version. Brunch has never looked this good.


— white porcelain mug

— porcelain paint pens


— measuring tape


1. Using the green porcelain paint pen, draw a horizontal line 1 inch below the lip of the mug.

2. Draw a vertical line and four wavy leaves.

3. Draw 3/4 of an oval with the yellow pen, right under the green line.

4. Using the black pen, draw a grid of diagonal lines across the yellow shape.

Before you add the black lines, make sure the yellow paint is dry to the touch. Otherwise, the colors will run together and you’ll have a melting pineapple.

For full-fledged Reese status, paint the handle yellow and draw black Xs. Next, add green paint along the sides of the handle.

When you’re done dressing up your mug, let it air dry according to the pens’ directions. Our paint needed 72 hours to set and become dishwasher safe.

Now, if only we could brunch all day long with our new mug.

Tell us, how would you personalize your pineapple mug? Let us know below!

(Styled photos by Nick Wolf, photo of Reese via @reesewitherspoon)