With everything from beachfront villas to tree houses in the woods, Airbnb has got all your vacation needs covered. But did you know that you can actually rent bars (yes, bars!) on the much-loved site? That’s right! Your next birthday weekend or bachelorette party can be in the comfort of your very own bar-turned-home. Many of these converted pubs and watering holes come complete with a working bar and taps and will make the perfect venue for your next party or adventure abroad. Check out a few of the finds below and get ready to start planning your pub night.

1. Conroy’s Old Bar Bar ($122/night): Located in Tipperary, Ireland, this converted bar can sleep four, maybe five if someone doesn’t mind taking the cot. You can earn your keep as resident barmaid behind the polished mahogany bar.

2. Boutique Victorian Converted Pub ($923/night): Nestled in the heart of a Tudor village in England, this old Victorian pub was beautifully and lovingly converted into a private residence with plush finishes and feminine touches. It still retains all its original charm and can sleep up to 16 people.

3. Beer Cellar in Converted London Bar ($78): This repurposed bar houses a few different apartments, and the basement beer cellar (available for rent) is a charming little space perfect for your next trip to London.

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