Finding a lampshade that works with your room can be trickier than it seems. You have the socket, the bulb, the shade and the wiring, all which have to fit together perfectly or else you’re in for a shock — literally. But this new pendant shade is designed for versatility and can be made to fit almost any lighting situation.

Martin Žampach is a product designer and the the creative director for Be3D Printers, which makes 3D printers for homes and businesses. His love for 3D printing led him to design the Ribone lampshade.

With this shade, Žampach didn’t just want to make a stunning design. He also wanted to take advantage of the versatility of 3D printing. The shades can be printed in any color and be made to fit any size bulb and any socket.

The design of the shade derives from the very thing that you can use to light it up — an LED bulb. At the base of LED bulbs is an accordion-textured metal that dissipates the heat, called the heat sink. This is where Žampach got the inspiration for his Ribone design. The result is a shade that’s good looking, practical and even eco-conscious; they’re printed with an environmentally friendly cornstarch-based bioplastic.

You can’t buy the shade online quite yet, but keep an eye out on Žampach‘s page for updates!

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