Fifty Shades Freed is sure to bring us all kinds of drama and danger — not to mention a pretty stellar soundtrack. To get a feel for the musical vibe that we’ll be swooning to, check out Liam Payne and Rita Ora in their brand new “For You” video.

The video starts with the “Anywhere” singer (who also appears in the franchise as Christian Grey’s sister, Mia) strolling through a gorgeous garden, her red gown swaying around her as she sings, “In your eyes, I’m alive / Inside you’re beautiful / Something so unusual in your eyes / I know I’m home.”

As she wanders around a fountain, clips from the film flash across the screen, and we get our first glimpse at the video’s leading man. “Been waiting for a lifetime for you / Been breaking for a lifetime for you / Wasn’t looking for love till I found you / For love till I found you,” she sings.

From there, the focus shifts to inside the mansion, where Payne picks up the romantic tune, crooning, “Skin to skin / Breathe me in / Feeling your kiss on me / Lips are made of ecstasy / I’ll be yours for a thousand lives.”

Things heat up early, but be sure to stick around for the whole song, because things seriously light up a little more than halfway through the video. With fireworks exploding around them, both Ora and Payne literally float off the ground, twisting and posing in mid-air. Finally, they find their way to each other at the base of a majestic staircase.

Watch the video below and check out Fifty Shades Freed when hits theaters on Valentine’s Day.

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(photos via FiftyShadesVEVO/YouTube)