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There are聽tons聽of ways technology is making driving about a million times easier, safer and generally just more enjoyable. From self-driving cars (whaaaaaat?) and new apps like Focus to Google Maps鈥 night mode, which makes聽hands-free nighttime navigating easier, there鈥檚 no doubt that driving is becoming a little less stressful with every new invention. But that doesn鈥檛 mean road rage is obsolete 鈥 far from it, as this new infographic聽from Auto Insurance Centre show us.

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鈥淭he rise of social media has given motorists new ways to vent their driving-related frustrations 鈥斅燼 much better option than expressing anger while behind the wheel,鈥 the company writes. It also gave Auto Insurance Centre the tools to do some research on the people behind the road rage posts. They analyzed more than 65,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #RoadRage, and what they found was pretty interesting.

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For one, they analyzed road rage posts by location and found that some of the cities with the most road rage are the ones you might not expect聽鈥 predictably, Los Angeles leads, with New York following, but number three on the list is Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Huh. And in terms of state-wide #RoadRage posts, you鈥檒l never guess which state had聽by far聽the most posts鈥 Hawaii. Yep, apparently the Aloha State has an issue with people saying hello on the road by flipping the bird.

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The company also looked at聽when聽people feel the most road rage. Of course, evening rush hour (5-6pm) is the worst time for 鈥渇urious drivers.鈥

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Summer months are also the most rage-filled, likely owing to kids being out of school and more cars on the road in general. And, you probably could鈥檝e guessed, the stress from the week seems to play a part in road rage. 鈥淪unday sees the fewest posts on average, and the #RoadRage messages increase steadily as the week goes on. Road rage mentions peak on Friday, with nearly 10,500 posts on average, before dropping sharply on Saturday. The low rate of posts on weekends may point to a clear correlation between commuter-filled roads and incidents of anger.鈥 Yikes! That鈥檚 a lot of angry people.

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