Rob Kardashian is definitely having a year filled with ups and downs. With baby news, breakup buzz and a reality show to catch every roller coaster-like moment, it certainly hasn’t been a quiet few months for the Kardashian bro. But now, Rob definitely has some news to celebrate. Some HUGE health news. Rob Kardashian is now totally diabetes-free.

All of his hard work with exercise and a decent diet have apparently paid off, as Rob let Blac in on the good news (which you can see for yourself on this Sunday’s episode of Rob & Chyna). “I just met with Goglia, the nutritionist, and he just told me all of my numbers and I’m completely free of diabetes,” Rob reveals before admitting, “That’s like the best news I’ve heard all year, literally.”

Blac, not really reacting to his news at all, replies with, “What about us having a baby?” Rob clarifies that the baby news is obviously bigger, but that takes the claim of “the best news… of my life.”

Congratulations, Rob! Keep that healthy vibe going!

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