When it comes to canine employment, there’s one job that reigns supreme: man’s best friend. However, slowly there are more and more jobs opening up to our four-legged friends. There are those noble guide dogs, the brave German Shepherds in the police force and now there’s yet another career path for our business-minded buds: bartending.

Please allow us to introduce you to Rocco the Pug. He likes long walks in the park, hanging on the couch and oh ya, creating craft cocktails. The Instagram famous pup currently has over 19,000 followers on Instagram who regularly check out his account for the inventive recipes he (okayyy and maybe his owner) whip up in their Austin kitchen.

In each of Rocco’s pics, he and his team share a custom cocktail (some highlights include: the Green Beast cocktail, a zombie and a lavender gin and tonic) and a short recipe that followers remake at home. We’re guessing anyone you serves these two will be extra impressed when you tell them a dog taught you how to make it.

Rocco, you’re an inspiration to four-legged friends everywhere.

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