Beauty should be fun. 2016 has definitely done a great job of bringing a little bit of much-needed spunk to our makeup routine. I mean, rainbow highlighter and floral lipstick? Like, c’mon. But if you want to take that playful spirit past just makeup and all the way into the skincare realm, we suggest you check out this rose-shaped face wash that’s currently blowing the Internet’s mind.

Not surprisingly, the foam face wash was created by Japanese cosmetics company Kanebo. According to Elle, the product launches next week, but it looks like a few folks have managed to get their hands on it ahead of time.

Press down on the two small levers on the bottle and suddenly a foamy, soapy rose emerges like a beauty-approved magic trick. If anything is going to convince you to *actually* wash your face after that extra long night, this is it.

The face wash is priced at 1200 yen (about $16), but sadly, the product can only currently be purchased in Japan. Welp, looks like we’ll just have to buy it IRL then won’t we? Anything in the name of beauty, right?

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