If you鈥檙e anything like us, geography is not your forte. You have a general idea where places are, but that鈥檚 about as far as it goes. Forget identifying a state on a different coast. And let鈥檚 not even talk about international maps. But, we guarantee if all travel maps were created by Rosie Mackean, you wouldn鈥檛 have any issues finding your way around. If you don鈥檛 believe us, keep scrolling.

Per Saveur, Mackean, a chef and food stylist, partnered with Travel Supermarket to complete food maps of European countries. The goal of the partnership was to celebrate the culinary tradition in each region. Instead of telling travelers what each country has to offer, she literally puts food on the map.

Seriously, who wouldn鈥檛 want to take a trip to Valencia for the best Paella in Spain? Or a trip to the Canary Islands to feast on the creamiest avocados while sipping on light wines?

While pasta is always a good idea, we particularly have our eye on southern Italy, where there鈥檚 also pizza, seafood, and savory fennel sausages too.

Also, we鈥檇 like to think that crystal blue waters will fare well on islands where feta crumbles are sure to be a perfect combo of salt and cream. That鈥檚 not before making a trip to Epirus for a slice of authentic spanakopita. We can hardly wait.

There鈥檚 even a video to show how all of the maps came together.

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