In the past 40 years, Rubik’s cubes have never lost their cool, but when we saw them used as pixels for an animation, we got a whole new respect for our favorite geo-puzzles. YouTube personality Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan) and animator Jeff Schweikart paired up to animate a love story using 1,296 mini Rubik’s cubes as pixels. Oh yeah, and they had to solve the cubes 961 times. We like to assume they didn’t just swap the stickers around. (Not that any of us ever did anything like that.)

So what kind of love story do you animate with Rubik’s cubes? Well, a robot love story seems only appropriate. It’s no Wall-E, but it’s still absolutely adorable and you almost forget that it’s all made of real-life cubes.

Doesn’t your heart just melt to see one robot saved by another as the rocket blasts into space holding hands? Us too.

Got any DIYs that use Rubik’s cubes? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!