Why end a text message with a boring period when you can finish your awesome thought with a cute heart eyes emoji? Okay, it’s possible that we might be a little obsessed with our new emoji keyboard, but with hundreds of sweet and sassy images that perfectly capture any emotion we may be feeling, it’s almost a necessity these days to learn proper emoji etiquette before shooting off a text. Thankfully we aren’t the only ones with a heart for emojis. London-based jewelry company RUIFIER just introduced their high-end Visage collection, which bears an uncanny resemblance to our fave little yellow compadres.


Founded by iconic jewelery designer Rachel Shaw, RUIFIER is all about bringing emotions to life. After six successful collections, the much-anticipated Visage line is already putting a smile on our faces with quirky, fun designs intended to help people find joy in everyday emotions.


“I get inspiration from a variety of different places, from architecture and natural landscapes to my dog, Taiki, who provided the inspiration for the Visage line,” Rachel said in an interview with The Conrad Shop. “He makes me smile so much that I wanted to create something that did the same for wearers of the jewelery.” The iconic shapes, beautifully rich colors and precious conflict-free stones do exactly that, although they’ll cost you a pretty penny to own, with some pieces exceeding $3,800.


Although the pieces in the Visage line are intended to resemble common emotions rather than popular emojis, it’s hard to deny the uncanny resemblance to our fave texting friends. From the classic heart eyes Smitten Ring ($100) to the deadly shocked XOXO Necklace ($1,265), there’s definitely a familiarity about RUIFIER’s new line that’s leaving us swooning. We aren’t the only ones who love Rachel’s work. Celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Lily Allen have been spotted wearing the must-buy luxe accessories at hot Hollywood events and tapings. With adaptable and stackable pieces that can completely individualize a look, RUIFIER’s new line is a definite win for fashionistas who want to express themselves even further.

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(Photos via RUIFIER and @ruifier)