Ryan Lochte may have lived up to (and gone way beyond) his bro-like rep during the Rio Olympics this past summer with the false robbery sitch, but now that he’s going to be a dad (announced with the sweetest underwater pic with his fiancée, Kayla Rae), it looks like the swimmer’s focus has shifted, as he’s getting ready to welcome his first child into the world. While he’s waiting for the big arrival, he’s revealed the sex of his baby, and there’s a very specific reason why it’s such exciting news.

Chatting with CBS for an in-depth interview, Ryan was blatantly asked, “Have you revealed the baby’s sex yet?” The soon-to-be new dad admitted, “No, but we’re having a…”

“…boy.” It’s a boy! Eee!

Perhaps a future Olympic teammate for little Boomer Phelps? With the two so close in age, if they happen to both inherit their dads’ swimming talents, we may just see them in the pool competing together a few years down the road.

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(h/t CBS; photo via Ryan Lochte)