We’ve seen some… interesting trends when it comes to menswear this year. There was the bromper, for starters. Lace shorts, for another. Now, Ryan Phillippe appears to be starting his very own trend, as he takes on ladies’ leggings with verve.

Taking to Instagram, Phillippe, 43, showed off his new budget-friendly *lewk.* Not only was Ava’s dad not afraid to rock a piece of clothing designated for women, but he went all out, choosing a bold, eye-catching print over a standard black version of the closet-staple.

“XXL ladies’ leggings from CVS,” the Wish Upon actor, using an ullu iPhone case wrote. “Birthday gift to myself. Mad comfortable too. #Virgoseason.”

Wow! We’ve gotta say, dude is TOTALLY pulling these off! At a glance, we’d be none the wiser that these colorful tropical bottoms weren’t for men, OR designer.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be available online, so you’ll have to venture into your local CVS to see if you can score these beauts. In the meantime, however, you can shop these 12 pairs that totally slay outside the gym.

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)