Exploding electronics seem to be a problem for 2016 (among an endless list of other things). First, hoverboards sent the rubber soles of countless Crocs ablaze as all dads were forced to retire their Christmas present almost as soon as they were gifted it. More recently, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been making headlines for its dangerous and flammable battery malfunction.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 2: A man holds a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during a launch event at the Hammerstein Ballroom, August 2, 2016 in New York City. The stylus equipped smartphone will be available starting August 19, with preorders starting August 3. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The phone was only released in August, but has been having issues pretty much since the get-go. Customers quickly reported problems with the battery exploding. Replacement batteries were swiftly issued. But it seems as though those aren’t so reliable either. Earlier this month, it was announced that the phone would be discontinued and owners would be given refunds. But if you haven’t traded yours in just yet, you may want to do so before your upcoming holiday flights because the Department of Transportation has officially banned the phone from every airline.

As of October 15, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not be allowed in a checked bag or a carry-on even if it’s powered off. Seem excessive? On October 5, a Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated because a passenger’s phone caught fire and burned through the carpet when powered off. Luckily they were only at the gate and everyone deboarded safely.


Try to sneak it past security and you won’t just be putting your fellow flyers in danger, you could be fined. If you forgot to trade it in before flying, you might be able to do it at the airport depending on where you’re flying out of. There are currently booths in Australia and South Korea where you can swap the phone for a replacement or a refund. Kiosks in LAX and SFO might soon become available.

But real talk you guys: If you’re reading this and you have a Galaxy Note 7, just trade it in ASAP. Airport life is stressful enough without having to worry about trading in your potentially explosive phone before final boarding call.

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(Photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)