Christmas as a kid is very, very different than the same holiday as an adult. First of all, you now know that there鈥檚 nothing in the North Pole except for lots of ice, some polar bears and some other creatures. There are no elves, no red-nosed reindeer and definitely no jolly old men with white beards. Part of growing up is leaving behind our belief in Santa鈥 or is it? This holiday season, we鈥檝e rounded up some festive and fun smartphone apps that the kiddies will love, and might help you feel like a kid again too.


1. Iris by Lowe鈥檚 Santa Tracker: Iris by Lowe鈥檚 clever little Santa Tracker allows you to 鈥渟et up鈥 sensors via the app all around your house to track when St. Nicholas makes his visit. The sensor is complete with a Christmas countdown clock and there鈥檚 even a holiday decoration automation guide to help your coordinate your Christmas lights 鈥 maybe you can cop this family鈥檚 dubstep decor style?

DL It:聽Free on iOS and Android


2. ElfYourself by Office Depot: We promise, you鈥檒l never get sick of Office Depot鈥檚 ElfYourself app. It started as a hilarious site you could play with on the computer and now it鈥檚 on your smartphone. Handy, huh? Just snap a photo of yourself and your friends, then hit Let鈥檚 Dance to make the Best. Video. Ever. This app will bring the laughs time and time again.

DL It:聽Free on iOS and Android


3. Call from Santa: Set up this app ahead of time to arrange a call from Santa for a sweet phone call from the Big Man himself. You can customize the call by age, gender and even what Santa is calling about. The little kiddo in your life is going to believe in magic after this call.

DL It:聽Free on iOS and Android


4.聽Santa鈥檚 Naughty or Nice List Finger Scanner: This app is simply a lot of fun. You can preset what the answer is going to be: naughty, nice or let Santa decide.聽Then, have your pal place his or her finger on the phone and the app will reveal whether or not he or she has been naughty or nice this year.

DL It:聽Free on iOS


5. Christmas Countdown!: This is the app all Christmas lovers need. Christmas Countdown will allow you to count down to the big day down to the second. But in case knowing the exact second isn鈥檛 enough, the app can count down in multiple time modes, like weeks or nights. You can also share the clock on your social accounts.

DL It:聽Free on iOS


6. A Charlie Brown Christmas Interactive聽Book: The Charlie Brown Christmas story is going to make you hardcore nostalgic. Share this children鈥檚 classic with your kids with this upgraded interactive digital games. Sure, it鈥檚 a lot to pay for an app, but it聽allows you to decorate Charlie Brown鈥檚 Christmas tree, play on聽Shroeder鈥檚 piano, listen to all the iconic Peanuts songs and even a read along with the book.

DL It: $4.99 on iOS and $5.99 on Android

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