The Saturn Return 鈥 you may be fearing this as a future event, wondering if you鈥檒l somehow lose your job or ruin a job interview. Or maybe you鈥檝e already forged your way through turning 30, perhaps having changed careers or started a side hustle. Either way, you know that Saturn is not a planet to be effed with. As the resident cosmic task master, Saturn wants to see you grow and succeed 鈥 and won鈥檛 hesitate to put all kinds of challenges in your way until you start making those tough life changes and start living your truth.

saturn in capricorn

Well, Saturn鈥檚 just made another kind of return 鈥 back to Capricorn, its home within the natural zodiac. But before you start freaking out about what kind of trouble this inevitably means, take a deep breath and relax. It鈥檚 all good, baby! We spoke with our trusted astrological adviser Ambi Kavanagh to get the details on what鈥檚 to come as Saturn sits in Capricorn until March 2020.

鈥淪aturn returning to Capricorn is not to be feared,鈥 Kavanagh reassures us. She explains that since Saturn is at home in Capricorn, you can expect an 鈥渆asy energy鈥 that鈥檚 focused on positive change. Capricorn is a stable, responsible sign associated with success, ambition, and status. Saturn, as previously mentioned, believes in hard work and dedication to get there. The two combined make it a 鈥渂eautiful time for opportunity for everyone,鈥 Kavanagh says.

manifest your destiny

Since ambition manifests itself differently for everyone, and you could have Capricorn in any of your 12 astrological houses, it鈥檚 important to first check your natal chart to see how this transit will affect you personally. For example, if you have Capricorn in your fifth house of joy and bliss, you know to focus your Saturnine energy on that area of your life.

Kavanagh suggests setting clear, actionable goals now (鈥渜uality over quantity!鈥) that you can manage over the two-and-a-half-year transit. She says we all need to think about where we want to be, and what we want to have accomplished, by March 2020 and begin working toward those goals ASAP.

On a more universal plane, Kavanagh says this is the time for everyone to 鈥渞e-examine career choices that don鈥檛 reflect our authentic selves.鈥 It鈥檚 a time to define (or redefine) success and really think about what ambition means to us. Kavanagh reminds that鈥檚 it鈥檚 鈥渘ot always about status,鈥 so don鈥檛 just decide you want to make a million dollars by 2020 and continue to float along.

Patience is a virtue

With all that said, Kavanagh says the real rewards for all this hard work and maturity won鈥檛 come until the end of the transit 鈥 Saturn is testing our patience too! She reminds that it鈥檚 important to respect the process of this 鈥渄ignified planetary placement鈥 and to continually remind yourself that in Saturn鈥檚 eyes, you have to earn your success for it be meaningful and long-lasting. 鈥淧erseverance is rewarded here,鈥 Kavanagh says. 鈥淭his transit is less about immediate pleasure and more about future success.鈥

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