Over the past decade, what was once considered “nerdy” has now spilled over into popular culture. Between shows like The Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who and hugely popular Comic-Con events and blockbuster comic book movies, it seems like we can’t get enough of geek culture. We’ve embraced our inner nerd with tech items and geek chic fashion, and now we’re sharing our 10 favorite science and nerd culture podcasts. Go ahead, and get your geek on.

1. Radiolab: For our science and philosophy buffs, Radiolab is for you. This podcast features stories, interviews and thought experiments that will blow your mind. Not sure where to start? Listen to their Translation or Emergence set.

2. NOVA ScienceNOW: From space and Neanderthals to ancient lands, PBS has tapped astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to host this incredible collection of videos. Get your thinking cap on with vanishing planes and strange Australian creatures.

3. Nerdist: Led by the Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick, Nerdist brings two awesome topics — nerd culture and comedy — together into one domain. Love comics? Chat with Marvel comic books writer Brian Michael Bendis. Into FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Laugh with Joe Lo Truglio, the actor who plays the weirdly loveable Charles Boyle.

4. Escape Pod: As a premier science fiction podcast magazine, Escape Pod tells short sci-fi stories narrated by the staff of Escape Pod. If you love a good story, then definitely check out Red Dust and Dancing Horses or Black Swan Oracle.

5. SModcast: Filmmakers Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier created this weekly podcast to discuss the subjects they know best — movies, comics and geek culture. Their eccentric personalities and insane questions make for a totally unique hour. If you miss any hot topics, like Film School Fridays or The Secret Stash, you can listen to the show here.

6. Point of Inquiry: Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of scientists? Here’s your chance to find out. Listen in on their discussions of evidence-based inquiries of the world. We especially love Telling the Story of the Cosmos and the Future of Blasphemy.

7. BrainStuff: We can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve asked ourselves, “How does that work?” From microwave popcorn to deodorant, no question goes unanswered on this podcast. Discover the science behind everything, from brain freeze to losing weight overnight.

8. StarTalk Radio Show: We come back again to science genius Neil deGrasse Tyson as he takes on an exploration of space, science and pop culture. Comedic celebrities make frequent guest appearances to help us understand those phenomena a little better. Our personal favorite? Neil’s talk with actor Hank Azaria about Star Trek, and whether he liked Kirk or Picard more.

9. Naked Neuroscience: Never did we think “naked” and “neuroscience” would be strung together in a sentence, let alone the basis for a podcast. But that’s exactly what you get with this radio show. A group of physicians from Cambridge University strip down to interview scientists and researchers. Don’t believe us? Check out the science behind fasting and if your dog understands you.

10. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe: Can’t get enough of the History Channel’s late night specials on Bigfoot or UFOs? Revel in your inner nerdery with neurologist Steven Novella, whose podcast focuses on myths, conspiracy theories and paranormal activity. Find out what happened to the ship from the Lost Arctic or learn about the accuracy of the black hole in the movie Interstellar.

How do you get your geek on? Tell us about the science and nerdy podcasts you love below!