Binge watching a TV show is one of our favorite ways to wile away a lazy weekend. But there is one part that we always hate: the end. After you’ve spent weeks growing attached to characters, it can be difficult to know that you won’t see them again (unless your beloved series gets a reboot — looking at you, Fuller House). But now, scientists are working on making our favorite characters immortal.

Scientists from University of Leeds in England are working on a technology that analyzes how characters move and what they say to create an algorithm that will digitally bring them to life. And because these scientists are there for you, they decided to start with Joey from Friends. Mining video from more than 200 episodes and thousands of pages of script, scientists created an algorithm to reanimate Joey.

The technology is far from perfect. Although some of the lines are spot-on (“I like pizza with cheese.”), the words don’t yet exactly match up with his mushed mouth. The technology is in its early stages, so don’t expect to see a digital reboot of Friends any time soon.

But not only could there be new episodes to look forward to, researchers say that one day they could use this technology to replace Siri on your phone. Just imagine asking Phoebe what the weather is going to be like and hearing her sing a song back. Let’s just say we’re very much looking forward to the Friends episode “The One With the Future.”

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(h/t Quartz; featured photo via Warner Bros.)