Hey, cute bike! You probably spent loads of money on it, and it takes you to all your favorite places and you’ve got it all decked outjust right. But if you like it, chances are other people will, too. Better keep it locked up. A new idea on Kickstarter aims to help you out with a killer bike seat that doubles as a lock.

It’s called Seatylock and at first it’s a cozy seat, but in a few steps it transforms into a lock that lets you secure your bike, removing two of the most annoying things about biking — hauling a lock around and worrying about your saddle being stolen.

There are two models available. The Seatylock Trekking is great for agility while the Seatylock Comfort is for casual riders. Both provide hassle-free storage when you arrive to your destination. You’ll be able to pull the seat off and expand it into a lock.

The smart seat is compatible with any standard bike. Just install the seat and adjust to your preferred position and you’re good to go. The Seatylock will retail for around $129 but if you get in early you can get one of these babies for just $85. It comes in a handful of colors so we’re confident you’ll find one to match your ride.

How do you lock up your bike? Would you splurge for a seat that doubles as a lock?