Can we all take a moment to honor the beauty staple that is red lipstick plz? Thank you — that recognition was well deserved. While makeup trends come and go, sporting a classic crimson hue on your pucker is just about as timeless as it gets — so embrace the red lip, lady! We loooove a red lip year round, but it’s a particularly popular choice this time of year as the holidays approach, so find your perfect red lippie inspo (stalking celebs helps, FYI) and get ready to wear TF out of it.


Selena Gomez is constantly spotted wearing flawlessly applied, brick red lipstick that actually looks like she was born with it on — that’s how perfect it always looks. We turned to this gorgeous gal to inspire our perfect holiday red lipstick look, complete with a few simple hacks to ensure your application is 100 percent on point, 100 percent of the time.


Step 1: Line your lips with a creamy, long-lasting lip liner that’s a shade lighter than the lipstick you’ll be putting on top of it. This will add a little dimension to your lips without you even having to add an extra step ;) Pro tip: To create a perfect outline at your cupid’s bow, make an X that’s even in height on both sides. This hack ensures that the outline of color at your cupid’s bow is totally even.


Step 2: Apply a slightly darker red hue on top of your lip liner. The lip liner will act as a base and hold your lipstick in place, BUT there’s another hack that seals it in even more…


Step 3: To really seal the deal, blot your lips by kissing a *piece of paper* (NOT a tissue, y’all!). This is a hack everyone needs to know! I literally have a lipstick notebook.


Step 4: Finally, use a lip brush to outline your apple-red kisser with concealer or a nude eyeliner. This will make the lines look extra crisp and clean. It’ll also prevent any bleeding from wearing your go-to ‘stick all day and eating/drinking.

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(Photo via James Devaney/Getty)