Raise your hand if you’re fickle decorator. Us too. One week we think the couch is perfect “right there,” and then a month or two later we wonder what we were thinking and switch it around. With big pieces of furniture, rearranging to your temperamental tastes can leave you in a bit of a bind. But when it comes to shelving, now you may be able to put that worry to rest. We’ve found shelves that are actually flexible to your needs.

Austrian product designer Stephanie Hornig has created a prototype of an expandable shelving unit that can be easily adjusted to one of three sizes… no tools required! (After assembly, that is.) It’s called Set.

The accordion shelf is made of a beechwood frame with scissor hinging and steel shelves. In fact, the shelves are what keep the flexible unit in place once you’ve chosen a size.

The unit also includes diagonal slots for bookends to rest at an angle against the wooden struts. Genius! We love this shelving unit as a break from the various cube shapes offered at Ikea. Not that we don’t totally love Ikea (especially PS 2014), but sometimes we’re just looking for something more dynamic. You know?

Right now, the Set is still just a prototype, but fingers crossed this will turn into something we can buy for ourselves in the future! In the meantime, check out more of Stephanie’s work on her website.

What adjustable furniture has been a life- (or space-) saver in your home? Share it with us below!

(h/t Fast Company)