Thanks to the internet and its ability to share all the awesome surveys and studies happening around the globe, we’ve been able to discover a lot of insight about what our future holds. We now know not only when we can expect to be our most fashionable selves but also at what age you’re most likely to meet your soulmate and have the most friends. If you’re still left with some burning life questions, we’ve now solved another major milestone mystery: when you’ll feel sexiest.

Catch it if you can....

While this can obviously vary from person to person, UK retailer House of Fraser recently surveyed 2,000 women on this topic and discovered women feel significantly more attractive in their thirties than any other decade of their lives. More specifically, at age 34.

According to the Daily Mail, “Nearly three quarters (64 percent) of those in their thirties said they feel more attractive due to being more confident with age, with 34 percent claiming it was because they were in a better relationship.”


This is all well and good but let’s chat more about the reasons why. When listing the factors that influenced their ability to feel sexy, 52 percent admitted it was because they knew someone found them attractive (like a partner or spouse) while 46 percent said was due to being complimented by their other half. If you’re 34 and single and not feeling great about this survey RN, stick with us. 34 percent said they felt sexiest at this age because the outfits they wear and a further 37 attributed it to their choice of underwear.

So yes, some of the reasons for feeling sexy come from outside factors, but make no mistake, a lot of it still has to do with YOU. Nearly 75 percent of women said sexiness is more about feeling in control of your life than how you look physically — and TBH, we couldn’t agree more.

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