With the 2017 Golden Globes now behind us, the kickoff to awards season has us officially reeling. While previous years have seen drama from the hosts, this year鈥檚 Golden Globes have been a subtle #getwoke moment for all of us. Meryl Streep鈥檚 Cecil B. de Mille award acceptance speech was so important for us to hear, but on the opposite side of that, we have accused sexual predator Casey Affleck walking home with an award for his acting. While we can鈥檛 say we鈥檙e altogether surprised by his win, we鈥檙e definitely seeing the irony in actress Brie Larson having to hand Affleck his Globe.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

During the Golden Globes telecast last night, Casey Affleck was awarded for his work in Manchester by the Sea. The actor was handed his trophy by last year鈥檚 female winner, Brie Larson. Why is this so surprising? Larson works tirelessly as an advocate for women who have suffered sexual assault, and Affleck has settled two very expensive legal battles (before they even went to court) because he didn鈥檛 want to face these allegations directly. The actor has never publicly spoken on them in order to clear his name, and 100 percent of the time, settling before trial is a way to try to assure the truth doesn鈥檛 come out in a public forum like a courthouse. Guilty gonna guilt.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

While there are many people who think that allegations against someone should not preclude them from winning awards, we are pretty set in feeling like we can鈥檛 ignore such violent crimes when discussing people鈥檚 work. Many Twitter users lashed out to protect Affleck, claiming that assault allegations should not ruin someone鈥檚 career. But when you use your power from your career to intimidate and assault people, your career should absolutely be in jeopardy. You shouldn鈥檛 be winning awards after settling a lawsuit to avoid having rape and assault allegations dragged through the press.

This is what people talk about when they mention rape culture. We continue to turn a blind eye when abusers are awarded for their work instead of taking them to task for their abuse. Even if the allegations against Affleck are not as severe as his accusers stated, his refusal to discuss them proves that he has used his position to intimidate and harm women who work with him, and before being rewarded for his work, this needs to be discussed openly.

For her part, Brie was amazing, and as many pointed out, you could tell how little of this she was having when she announced the winner:

Brie, we鈥檙e feeling the exact same way as you, girl.

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