Shinohara is a singer-songwriter, designer, illustrator, book author, actress… and most importantly, THE most outrageous DIYer in Asia. She’s a ’90s Japanese pop culture icon who disappeared in the 2000s to go to fashion school. Now she’s taken her DIY skills public and made a strong comeback, taking #iamcreative to a whole new level and officially becoming our Maker Crush this Monday. What makes this girl so different from other DIYers? Let’s take a look at some of her creations.

1. Draped Fabric Dress: Shinohara is always hunting for colorful and unique materials to make into something she loves. As soon as she finds fabric that speaks to her, she’s off to her sewing machine to make a one-of-a-kind dress. (Photo via @shinoharatomoe)

2. CustomizedWinter Coat: Like us, Shinohara is a big believer in color, but she also shows love to her basics. Here, she takes a simple dark gray winter coat and customizes it into something unique. (Photo via @shinoharatomoe)

3. Accessorized Mic: She brings her sewing kit everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE. Here, she’s dressing her mic up before a performance, easily earning her “Most Outrageous DIYer” title. (Photo via


4. Art-Inspired Clothes: Shinohara takes full advantage of being an illustrator, using those skills in her fashion designs. (Photo via

5. A Dress for a Pooch: While filming a drama series, she DIYed a doggy dress and matching hairpiece for her costar’s pup. (Photo via @shinoharatomoe)

6. “Head Dress”: Whenever she makes a huge hairpiece like this one, she doesn’t call it headpiece. She refers to it as “headdress,” and so should you. (Photo via @shinoharatomoe)


7. Hair Earrings: Do you spot the trick in these earrings? When she took this pic, she didn’t have long hair. Take a closer look around her ears. She is actually wearing earrings made out of her own hair. Crazy, huh? (photo via

8. Decked Out Randoseru: She customizes and accessorizes everything she can, including this Randoseru backpack. She has fun with every DIY project, celebrating the process of making and being playful with her creations. We totally admire her passion and how inspirational she is to makers all over the world.

What did you think of Shinohara’s style of making and DIYing? Which of her creations is the most inspiring to you? Tell us in the comments below.