Grab your plaid shirts, cider donuts and digital cameras — it’s prime leaf-viewing season, people! Or at least, it is for New Englanders and vacationers, who flock to the forests and mountains of the northeast to admire the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. But not all of us are so lucky to make it there in time for peak peeping. The good news: a Boston man is now sending the season in the mail.

Introducing, which sells three New England leaves (one red, one yellow and one multi-colored) for $19.99 plus shipping. The leaves are collected by hand, then preserved using a mixture of glycerin and water, according to the New York Post. Then they’re bundled up with a personalized message and shipped straight to you or a friend.

Gotta hand it to Kyle Waring, the founder of Ship Foliage — this is a pretty creative idea. Although, even more unique was the business he launched last year during New England’s brutal winter, called That’s right. He literally shipped over 700 lbs. of blizzard in a box, with the tagline, “Our nightmare is your dream!” And so far, Ship Foliage is showing signs of success, with over 200 sales in the first week.

What do you think: Is it worth $20 to have leaves from New England? Our knee-jerk reaction was to say no way, but there are some scenarios where this isn’t so crazy. Maybe your friend moved away from New Hampshire and you want to send them a piece of home, or you got married in Vermont and want a memento to add to your memory book. There are even tons of DIY crafts for leaves. Not to mention that buying a bundle is a lot cheaper than a plane ticket!

Would you pay $20 for leaves from New England? Tell us what you would do with them in the comments!

(Featured image via Anthony Quintano/Flickr Creative Commons; h/t New York Post)