20 Chic Homes Made Out of Shipping Containers
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20 Chic Homes Made Out of Shipping Containers

If dusty orange boxcars are the first thing that come to mind when you hear the word “shipping containers,” it’s time to meet the next generation of shipping container homes. A modern option for small living, these homes are not only eco-friendly and energy efficient, but also only require a little bit of imagination to turn them chic and stylish. Paint them bright colors, cover them in plants or replace an entire wall with windows — the possibilities are endless when it comes to these trendy homes. And while we’re not quite ready give up our closets for this small space lifestyle, these 20 stunning examples of container homes certainly have us reconsidering!

1. Cowboy Bunkhouse: Cozy and secluded, this cabin container house features a screened porch for long dinners and warm summer evenings. (via Houzz)

2. Modern Lakehouse: Composed of four modules, the wood siding creates an elegant and somewhat more natural look that masks the corrugated metal of the container boxes. (via Houzz)

3. Windows Everywhere: Here’s proof that you don’t need to spend a lot to own chic home. Check out this container home created on a $40,000 budget. (via Inhabitat)

4. Colorado Mountain Home: Created with the environment in mind, you might not even notice this elegant home as it blends into the mountains. (via Inthralld)

5. Recycled and Upcycled: Perfect for setting up in the backyard, this box-sized space claims to sleeps four comfortably with a double bed and foldout bunk beds. (via Inthralld)

6. Stacked Up: Boasting a fire-engine red exterior, this modern home was created out of eight containers, which add up to 208 square meters of well-lit living space. (via GBlog)

7. Container Guest Room: Rather than commit to living exclusively in a container, we certainly see the appeal of incorporating one or two boxes as guest rooms or home offices. (via Inthralld)

8. Desert Home: Elegantly designed, the white corrugated metal of this home extends from the exterior walls into a very textural, industrial interior. (via HomeDSGN)

9. Tower Home: The simple exterior of this home stands in stark contrast with a contemporary interior full of natural light. (via Inthralld)

10. Mega Color Block: Taking color blocking to a whole new level, the end walls of each of these colorful containers are glass, allowing for lots of light. (via Inhabitat)

11. Container Cottage: Instead of painting the containers, this cottage’s charm comes from the contrast between the traditional blue of the boxes and that lush greenery. (via Inthralld)

12. Studio Office: Who doesn’t dream of having a little space all to themselves? A container box creates the perfect sized office that tucks away into your backyard. (via Inthralld)

13. Petite Guest House: Give your house guests some serious privacy by setting up a container box guest room, complete with private bathroom and seating area. (via Remodelista)

14. Glass Walls: That staircase almost looks like it’s floating against the amazing view from the back window. (via Arch Daily)

15. Two High: Known rather misleadingly as the Old Lady House, this bright and airy home has modern finishes that are anything but granny-like. (via Inhabitat)

16. Lego Cabin: Handy for cold climates, not only are shipping container homes easy to put together, but they’re also air-tight, waterproof and incredibly energy efficient, thanks to their welded steel construction and heavy insulation. (via Ottawa Citizen)

17. Retro Chic: The white corrugated wall is the only hint of a container home; the rest of the decor is completely traditional. (via Design Milk)

18. House within a House: Quirky and unusual, we were intrigued (and slightly confused?) by this tiny cottage tucked within a warehouse, but then we learned it’s actually the home of an architect and his family. (via Inhabitat)

19. Tall and Skinny: You wouldn’t need a gym membership with this container’s four flights of stairs! (via Pin Home Ideas)

20. Plant Heaven: Your inner boxcar child is begging to live in this eco-friendly haven. (via Bellevarde)

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