We’ve all gone through the struggle of stumbling and/or fitting our feet into our heels of choice. But did you ever wonder what other states were rocking in terms of shoe trends? In honor of election day, Gilt has released a tongue-in-cheek map identifying the red states from blue, but this time, red means high heels while blue means flat.

Turns out that Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California are in favor of the stiletto, averaging over two inches. Puerto Rico and Nevada take the cake for having the highest heels of them all; PR heels are almost three inches high on average.

The blue states of Maine, Nebraska and Kansas all favor the smaller kitten heel, while Oregon and Utah fall somewhere in between. In the biggest surprise of all, New York only averages around a two-inch pump. However, when you consider Manhattan is only a small part of the otherwise foliage-filled state, it makes a little more sense.

And while there’s no word yet on favorite shoe style or color across the states, we’re betting that the next study could probably expand into those areas of “research.” Or maybe we’ll have to do that ourselves…

Where do your shoes fit into this map? Do you think it’s accurate? Let us know in the comments below!