12 Inventive Ways to Organize Your Shoes
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12 Inventive Ways to Organize Your Shoes

Don’t sweat it, we’re pretty obsessed with shoes, too. They come in all different styles, colors, heights and, best of all, they always fit. But if you’re facing a closet or entryway jam packed with all of your pairs, then it’s time to admit that something needs to be done. Enough with missing a mate and digging in dark corners for your fave flip flops, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best and most functional ways to organize your shoes.

1. Shoe Ladder: If you have a small closet or are simply sick of shelves, opt for a ladder. It’s the perfect option for storing heels, but also works for scarves and jewelry, too! (via Arianna Belle)

2. Wall Crates: One of the easiest ways to feel more organized is to get everything off of the floor. Paint some wooden crates to match the color scheme of your bedroom or entryway, and hang them up to hold all of your gorgeous shoes. (via Modern Home Decor)

3. Rotating Shoe Rack ($200): So fancy! We’ll feel like we just walked into Bloomie’s the next time we pick out our pair for the day.

4. Shoe Cabinet: We love that this cabinet frees us from having to dig around in our closet. Snag a similar four compartment cabinet from Ikea’s Hemnes collection for $100. (via Live Simply)

5. Entryway Organizer: All you need is a couple of 2x8s, some spray paint and an adhesive to make this discreet organizer a part of your front hall. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

6. Shoe Shelf: Ledges can usually be found at home stores. Add some pizzazz to a basic one by adding paint or patterns, and hang your heels out for all to see. (via Lucky By Design)

7. 12-Pair Shoe Organizer ($40): Of course the Container Store would display the most beautifully organized closet on the planet. But with these shoe cubbies, yours can look just like it.

8. Picture Boxes: We know this would take some serious time and patience, but marking your shoe boxes with pictures takes all that guessing out of the equation. (via El Mueble)

9. Sole Secret Shoe Bench ($360): Though the price tag may be steep, you’re technically buying a two-in one shoe organizer and upholstered bench.

10. Bookshelf Storage: If you’re short on closet space but have a surplus of wall space, scope out an inexpensive bookshelf to display your prettiest pairs. We always find that when we can see our shoes clearly, we actually end up wearing them more often. (via The Glitter Guide)

11. Hangers: Genius! Keep boots from folding over or getting dusty on the floor by hanging them up with your clothes. (via Browne Eyed Belle)

12. Hanging Door Rack: For $14 on Amazon, you can hang one of these on your closet door to create a lot more room inside. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Tell us how you keep them organized in the comments below!