We can’t believe no one has dreamt this up yet. It’s so simple, so genius. Shop Inbox is an app that organizes all of your online shopping for you. Order updates, delays, out of stock notifications, basically any communication you would normally have with the retailers, you now have in one place. So, clean up that email once and for all, and keep your hands out of the (digital) trash.

With Shop Inbox, you’ll never forget or lose track of an order, tracking number or return, or experience any of the other ways online shopping gets a little complicated, because now you’ll know the status of all those little baubles at the touch of a button.

You know we’re suckers for graphics and design, and we love how this app is set up — big images, extremely user friendly and pretty. We love pretty.

You can even keep tabs on which of your purchases are tax deductible, and keep an eye on items that you’ve bought for and sent to other people. Seriously, why didn’t we have this last Christmas?

Shop Inbox is still in beta, but you can totally still get involved and get a feel for it before it’s out.

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