Next up in our series of all things Lemonwood Imprints, we’re heading over to the B+C Shop to share 10 of our favorite prints by Francesca Greggs, our latest major #makercrush. From ruminating on life in the Bay to a love of happy hour, she’s got a fresh print for everyone.

1. Go Fog Yourself ($45): This gorgeous geometric print captures the San Francisco skyline through a series of colorful shapes.

2. Das Bier ($45): Ready for a little Lemonwood history? Let’s hear it straight from Francesca:

To be honest, Lemonwood Imprints was founded out of my deep love for beer. I was trying to teach myself more about different brewing styles, beer histories, and glassware specifics and ended up illustrating an infographic just for my own understanding. Some of my friends wanted to buy the illustration as a print and it got me thinking about the idea of selling my artwork on a larger scale.

Boom, a print (and business!) is born :)

3. SF Summer Lovin’ ($18 for 4): The reality of summer in SF is that it is exactly like winter, but foggier. And if you’re ever silly enough to leave the house WITHOUT a layer, you need to move to LA.

4. Don’t Be A Prick ($20 for 4): Cacti need hugs too.

5. You Make My Heart Grow ($28): This botanical blooming beauty is bursting with love, and we love it.

6. Day for a Daydrink ($45): Aka… every day?

7. Saving Your Neck ($22): This would be a great gift for that bestie in your life who knows when you could use a little help staying afloat, even before you do.

8. Dear Wine, You Complete Me ($45): You really did, Jerry.

9. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues ($28): This brand new print is also available as a desktop or iPhone wallpaper — head here to download it!

10. Breezy Rider ($45): Finally, this one’s a favorite amongst the bikers here at Brit HQ. Keep it easy and breezy.

Itching for more? Well, we’ve taken this maker’s story to a brand new level. Here are four more ways you can get the 411 on Francesca Greggs and Lemonwood Imprints:

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