We could fill this paragraph with talk about rings of fire, rings to rule them all or tell you you can ring our bells but… instead let’s just get to the point. Our shop is newly stocked with a whole smattering of statement rings, and here are nine we’re obsessing over.

1. Matchstick Rings ($23 each): How cool are these? Each ring is totally adjustable so it’s easy to layer with other rings or even rock as a midi ring if you’re into that sort of thing.

2. Heart Ring ($23): Forgo wearing your heart on your sleeve for wearing it on your hand! This sweet two-tone ring can be customized to any two colors you like, and each ring is hand-painted with care.

3. Elven Ring ($47): This gorgeous ring is made of intertwined bands that come together to form a delicate statement piece. Every Elven is handmade in Austin, so each has its own set of variations and quirks. We love the slightly irregular wavy lines created by each band.

4. Geo Statement Ring ($56): What happens when brass knuckles merge with beauty? Something a little bit like this ;)

5. Siren Ring ($45): A ring that demands attention, much like the mythical sea maidens it is named after, the Siren Ring is meant to wrap around the finger and will have some flexibility. So cool!

6. Flora Ring ($54): This collection of rings is meant to be a celebration of the verdant flora found in the forest! We love the sort of muted gem tones you can choose from.

7. Geometric Ring ($28): The design of this ring totally reminds us of perler beads! Remember those? The things you would arrange on a little plate and then melt in the oven? Well, this is a way classier take on that aesthetic, and is available in a variety of color combos.

8. 3D Printed Open Square Ring ($55): Drawn in 3D on the computer, these designs are crafted virtually and then output in their final three-dimensional format via a printer that builds the shape up layer by layer. A laser fuses the powdered nylon to create a durable material in exactly the form that is shown on the file.

9. Arrow Ring ($23): This is definitely our favorite ring of the bunch! Like the matchsticks and hearts, you can customize the arrows to be any color or choose two different colors for a little color blocking action.

What types of rings do you wear? Like the delicate gold variety or the colorful graphic ones? Talk to us in the comments below.