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    80 Minutes

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  • You're on your way to finally learning how to create beautiful hand-lettered designs. You know, like the posts that you've been adoring on your Instagram feed? Yeah, that's going to be YOU!

    Tombow's own, Brittany Luiz, is going to teach you a unique style of brush pen lettering called bounce lettering. It's a technique that adds more style and character to your lettering designs.

    And don't worry if your handwriting isn't that great because lettering is more than learning how to draw letters. It's really about learning the strokes and how to apply the right pressure to your brush pen. That's exactly what you're going to learn in Brittany's class!


    • Use Tombow brush pens to draw a script and block letter alphabet
    • Apply the right strokes (and pressure) to create bounce lettering words and phrases
    • Use blending techniques to add extra oomph to your designs
    • Create your own custom hand-lettered cards (you'll create two in this class!)

    So, are you ready to try your hand at bounce lettering? Then let's do this! Enroll in this beginner-friendly class today.

    You can purchase this class along with two other Brittany Luiz classes in our Lettering With Brush Pens Bundle for just $67 (valued at $97).

    Plus, included in your class downloads will be a discount code for 10% off their first order of Tombow pens. Woot!.

    • Introduction
    • Supplies Overview
    • Lettering Basics
    • Basic Strokes
    • Script Lettering Alphabet Practice
    • Block Lettering Alphabet Practice
    • Learn Bounce Lettering
    • Forming Words
    • Composition With Bounce Lettering
    • Class Project: Custom Cards
    • Final Words
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the 24-page class workbook prepared by Brittany.


    Plus, included in your class downloads will be a discount code for 10% off their first order of Tombow pens. Woot!.


    • A List of Hand Lettering Supplies
    • Lettering Terminology Guide
    • Basic Strokes Guide
    • Script Alphabet Guide + Practice Sheets
    • Block Alphabet Guide + Practice Sheets
    • Bounce Letter Basics Guide + Practice Sheets
    • Bounce Lettering Composition Examples

    Want more lettering resources? Buy Brittany's book, Lettering with Purpose: Creative Techniques and Prompts for Making Meaningful Hand-Lettered Art, along with your class today!

About the Instructor

Brittany Luiz

Brittany Luiz

Brittany is the Social Media and Content Manager for Tombow USA. When she’s not living her passion at her dream job, you can find her running her own lettering website, where she shares lettering tips, tricks and resources. And if that’s not enough, she’s also the co-founder of The Letter Lovelies, an online lettering community that focuses on encouraging letterers through uplifting advice.

It’s definitely safe to say that Brittany loves everything lettering! She also loves connecting with fellow letter lovers and aims to encourage beginners to embrace the imperfections as they practice. Brittany even admits she’s been practicing for almost two years and her lettering style is still evolving. So don’t give up!