• Time

    65 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • Ready to create a personal page, a great new blog or a professional portfolio? All you need is some basic web design direction from Allison House to get the job done.

    In this class, you’ll learn how to build a beautifully-designed one-page website in both HTML and CSS. Plus, once you know the basic building blocks of the Web, it’ll empower you to be creative with how you present yourself online.

    Oh, by the way, once you purchase the class, we’ll send a confirmation email with a link to watch the class. Your access never expires, and you can continue to access the class from the email link or from your Orders page.

    • Introduction
    • Supplies + Programs
    • Basic Structure
    • HTML
    • HTML/CSS Layout
    • CSS
    • Troubleshooting + Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the class worksheets prepared by Allison that are available for download after purchase.


    • Computer
    • Text Editor (we suggest Sublime Text)
    • Web Browser (we suggest Chrome)
    • Notepad (Optional)


    • Cheat Sheet
    • Site Images + Icons

About the Instructor

Allison House

Allison House

Allison House is a designer, visual artist, and educator known for her tenacity and upbeat, make-it-happen attitude. Her interdisciplinary work in design, technology, and education has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and many more. She currently works from her studio in Austin, TX but can occasionally be seen from the corner of your eye, blowing in the wind.

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