• Time

    85 Minutes

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  • It’s finally time to learn the art of cookie decorating from the queen of cookies herself, Marisol Morley of Tiny Kitchen Treats. We know that royal icing has a bad rep for being fussy. But don’t fret! In this class, Marisol is going to give you all of her tips and tricks to make icing your best friend.

    This course is jam-packed with Marisol do’s and don’ts, and the science behind baking and mixing. After getting all the details, you’ll be on your way to making the perfect cookies every single time. No more burnt edges or bubbled icing. Plus, you’ll walk away from this course knowing how to decorate 7 themed cookies for all kinds of occasions.


    • Whip up the BEST sugar cookies and finally learn the exact ratios to make amazing royal icing.
    • Properly color your royal icing so there’s no bleeding or saturation.
    • Use various piping and decorating techniques to make cute themed cookies using both buttercream and royal icing.
    • Store dough and cookies so they come out crisp (with no freezer burn) when they’re ready to be gobbled up!

    Bonus: Marisol is giving her coveted sugar cookie recipe AND royal icing recipe to class students. You’ll find these delicious recipes in your course downloads after you enroll in the class.

    Ready to impress your friends and family with jaw-dropping beauties? Enroll in our Cookie Decorating online class today!


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Marisol, and what you can expect from this cookie decorating course.
    • MAKING DOUGH: In this lesson, Marisol will be sharing her coveted sugar cookie recipe.
    • WORKING + BAKING DOUGH: You'll learn all kinds of tips and tricks for the best way to roll-out, cut, and bake cookies.
    • BUTTERCREAM ICING: In this lesson, you'll start by learning how to make Marisol's buttercream recipe. Then, you'll cover mixing color in buttercream, piping techniques, and more!
    • ROYAL ICING: Next, you'll learn how to make Marisol's royal icing recipe. She'll show you how to mix colors, flooding techniques, and more!
    • PIPING TECHNIQUES WITH ROYAL ICING: Take out your practice sheet. In this lesson, you'll learn how to pipe cookies like a pro!
    • CUSTOM COOKIE DECORATING: In this lesson, Marisol will show you how to create seven (7) custom cookie decorations for all kinds of occasions.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now, take the principles you've learned in this course and apply them to all your cookie decorating adventures.

    • Sugar cookie ingredients (full list in the course workbook)
    • Buttercream and royal icing recipe ingredients (full list in the course workbook)
    • Cookie decorating supplies (full list in the course workbook)
    • Mixing supplies
    • Tipless piping bags
    • Various tips (full list in the course workbook)
    • Plastic wrap
    • Baking sheets
    • Parchment paper
    • Rolling pin
    • Rolling pin guides
    • Small scale (nothing fancy!)
    • Cardstock
    • Baking and silpat sheets
    • X-ACTO knife
    • Spray bottle
    • Scissors
    • Small fan


    • A welcome message from Marisol
    • A full list of ingredients and supplies
    • Marisol’s coveted sugar cookie recipe
    • 7 do’s and don’ts for cookie making
    • Cookie design cut-out templates
    • A link to Marisol’s favorite custom cookie cutters
    • An icing practice sheet
    • 7 themed cookie design recipes

    About the Instructor

    Marisol Morley

    Marisol Morley

    Marisol started her cookie career by making cookie boxes as gifts for her friends and family, which lead to the birth of Tiny Kitchen Treats. Today, Marisol lives on the Upper East Side of New York with her husband, little baby Julia, their two tiny dogs, and her not-so-tiny dream.

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