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  • Lettering lover Brittany Luiz is back to teach you how to craft your own lettering style. If you’ve been tired of your lettering looking the same and want to create something a little more personalized, this is the class for you! First, you’ll learn how to draw four different lettering styles. Then, you’ll learn three different ways you can tweak those styles to make them unique to you.


    • Write letters in four styles: script, serif, sans serif and double-monoline.
    • Tweak letters by changing their shape, strokes, and adding embellishments.
    • Use Brittany’s recommendations to pair complimentary lettering styles together.

    There are all kinds of perks included in this class. It comes with an awesome 21-page workbook created by Brittany that you can use to practice various lettering styles. She's also created her own styled alphabet to help you get started. By the end of this class, you'll create your own alphabet AND an inspiration quote. All written in your own lettering style!

    So let’s get to it! Enroll in our Craft Your Own Lettering online class today.

    You can purchase this class along with two other Brittany Luiz classes in our Lettering With Brush Pens Bundle for just $67 (valued at $97).


    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Brittany, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW In this lesson, Brittany will go over the supplies you'll need to complete her class.
    • WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE A STYLE? See how Brittany's lettering style has evolved. You'll also learn what it means to create your own lettering style.
    • LETTERING BASICS REFRESHER Get your pens ready! In this lesson, you'll go over lettering basics to refresh your memory.
    • TYPE OF LETTERING STYLES In this lesson, you'll practice drawing four lettering style so you can use them in your final project.
    • MAKE IT YOURS It's time to get creative! In this lesson, Brittany will show you how you can tweak letters to make it your own.
    • PAIRING STYLES Ever wonder what lettering style go well together? You'll learn a few of Brittany's favorite lettering pairings in this lesson.
    • FINDING INSPIRATION In this lesson, you'll learn about where Brittany goes to find inspiration. She'll also show you how she uses inspo to create unique letters.
    • STYLED ALPHABET Practice creating a stylized alphabet with a pre-made set made by Brittany.
    • FINAL PROJECT You did it! Now it's time for your final project. In this lesson, Brittany will walk you through the final project from start to finish.
    • FINAL REMARKS You've learned the skills. Now you can start crafting your own personal lettering style starting today!
  • All you need to take this class are a few supplies and the 21-page class workbook prepared by Brittany.



    • A Welcome Note From Brittany
    • A List of Supplies
    • Lettering Basics Refresher
    • Types of Lettering Styles
    • Alphabet Practice Sheets
    • Make It Your Own Practice Sheets
    • Pairing Lettering Styles
    • Inspiration
    • Brittany’s Styled Alphabet

    Want more lettering resources? Buy Brittany's book, Lettering with Purpose: Creative Techniques and Prompts for Making Meaningful Hand-Lettered Art, along with your class today!

About the Instructor

Brittany Luiz with Tombow USA

Brittany Luiz with Tombow USA

Brittany is a lettering artist and Social Media & Content Manager for Tombow USA. When she's not working, you can find her running her own lettering website. It's here where she shares her tips, tricks, and resources for lettering lovers alike. She's also the author of Lettering With Purpose, a book to help you develop your own artistic alphabet. And if that's not enough, Brittany is also the co-founder of The Letter Lovelies. This online lettering community focuses on encouraging letterers through uplifting advice.