• Time

    160 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • So you’ve dabbled in calligraphy and want to take your skills to the next level? This project-based calligraphy class will challenge and inspire you to take your skills past simply writing on paper. You’ll learn all kinds of ways to incorporate your lettering on different mediums, and you'll be challenged to think about turning your love for calligraphy into a business. Just like Lauren did!

    In this premium calligraphy class, you’ll get nine of Lauren’s favorite projects to try out and complete. Think gold foil prints, faux marbled wash, watercolor, digitizing, and more! You’ll be able to use the course as your guide to challenge your inner creative, and learn new calligraphy projects along the way. Plus, Lauren will give you her insider tips on how to turn your art into a business.


    • Add unique elements to your envelopes, art prints, and other items using ink, paint, markers, and more!
    • Digitize your calligraphy so that you can use it on custom prints or social media images.
    • Set up your documents and request prints and stamps from online printers like a pro.

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    Ready to start a fun, new calligraphy project? Enroll in our Creative Calligraphy Challenge online class today!


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor Lauren, and what you can expect from this creative calligraphy challenge course.
    • CALLIGRAPHY REFRESH: In this lesson, we'll run through the basics. We'll set up your workspace, and cover how to hold and write with a calligraphy pen.
    • CREATING A CUSTOM PRINT: Lauren will demonstrate how to think about composition when creating an custom art print.
    • ADDRESSING ENVELOPES: Let's practice using a light pad and a laser writer. In this lesson, you'll learn how to address envelopes like a pro.
    • CREATING UNIQUE ENVELOPES: Now let's add a bit more flair. In this lesson, you'll learn how you can make creative envelopes using paint, ink, and more.
    • CREATING WATERCOLOR CARDS AND GIFT TAGS: In this lesson, Lauren will show you how to create colorful cards and tags using watercolor.
    • CREATING FAUX MARBLED PRINTS: Let's mix things up! This project will have you using a fun, everyday item to create a "marbled" look on paper.
    • WRITING ON ACRYLIC SURFACES: Use waterproof pens and acrylics to create elegant pieces that you can use at events and parties.
    • ADDING CALLIGRAPHY TO A SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE: Let's take your work online! Lauren will show you how you can add your calligraphy to an image that you can use on social media.
    • CREATING A GOLD FOIL PRINT: In this lesson, you'll learn how to prep a file to send to a printer. You'll cover how to request gold foil or letterpress prints.
    • TURNING CALLIGRAPHY INTO A RUBBER STAMP: Learn how to add your calligraphy to a custom stamp. You'll get Lauren's favorite website and how to set up your request in this lesson.
    • TURNING YOUR ART INTO A BUSINESS: Last but not least, Lauren will give you advice on how to take your hobby into a full time gig. Just like she did!

    Please note: Each project will have an assortment of different supplies you’ll need for the class. We recommend downloading the course workbook to see which supplies you’ll need before each project.

    The course workbook will be included in your class downloads after you enroll in the class.


    • A 13-page workbook with all calligraphy projects and supplies included.
    • An envelope addressing guide.
    • An uppercase and lowercase script guide.
    • An uppercase and lowercase tracing sheets
    • Common words and numbers for mailing addresses (to practice)
    • A diagonal line grid sheet
    • A list of Lauren’s favorite websites.
    • 5 practice photos to add your calligraphy to (for social media).
    • A 10-page presentation with calligraphy business advice.

About the Instructor

Lauren Essl

Lauren Essl

Lauren has been practicing the art of pointed pen calligraphy for nine years and has traveled all across the United States teaching her workshops since 2012, connecting thousands of students from LA to NYC and everywhere in between with this beautiful craft. Teaching is Lauren's true passion, mainly because it offers her the opportunity to meet people and encourage them to find their creative side. Lauren's business, Blue Eye Brown Eye, is named after her rescue whippet mix, Olive, who has a blue and brown eye. Born and raised in Texas, Lauren founded her business in Fort Worth, TX in 2010, and will soon be moving to Seattle in January 2018 with her husband, and three rescue dogs.