• Time

    49 Minutes

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  • Inspired by your own handwriting (or a lettering style you love!), in this beginner-friendly online class, you'll learn how to design your very own font. And don’t worry! You don't need to be a graphic designer to make this work. By using a few applications, you'll learn how to upload, trace and design a custom typeface to use on your computer. How cool is that? Plus, your instructor, Isabel, will be there every step of the way.

    By the end of her class, you’ll have a custom font to typeset everything, including custom prints, mugs, desktop wallpapers and more!


    • Upload your personal hand-drawn alphabet into a font editor app
    • Live trace and space your character set to get your font just right
    • Save an OTF file properly and use it to typeset everything in your own font

    So what are you waiting for? Get started on your custom font today! Need more inspo? Check out a few of Isabel's font designs below:


    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Isabel, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW Isabel will go over the basic supplies and programs you'll need to take her class.
    • FONT BASICS Let's get down to the basics! In this lesson, you'll learn how to use your own hand lettering to create your own typeface.
    • ANALOG TO DIGITAL In this lesson, Isabel will teach you how to digitize your lettering. You'll use the Genius Scan app to transfer a digital file into Adobe Illustrator.
    • IMAGE TRACE SETTINGS Learn about live trace settings in Adobe Illustrator and how to bring your letters into the Robofont app.
    • CREATING YOUR FONT It's time to start creating your custom font! In this lesson, you'll add your traced letters into Robofont's glyph window.
    • SPACING In this lesson, Isabel will teach you how to create spaces between letters. These settings are especially useful when characters overlaps when writing out sentences.
    • ADDITIONAL KEY CONCEPTS Get specific on how you want each letter to look. You'll learn how to add ligatures, kerning and other features to your font in this lesson.
    • DIGITIZE YOUR LETTERING Almost done! In this lesson, Isabel will show you how to save your settings to create a .OTF font file.
    • FINAL PROJECT You made it! Now you'll learn how to install your final font into the fun template that Isabel created for you.
    • FINAL WORDS You've learned the skills! Now hear more tips and tricks from Isabel on how you can continue designing more custom fonts.
  • All you need to take this class is a computer installed with Adobe Illustrator and the Robofont app, the Genius Scan app on your phone, a few class downloads and the 12-page workbook prepared by Isabel that includes:



    • Font Terms Overview
    • Glyphs App Shortcuts
    • Class Lesson Tips + Tricks
    • Helpful Links + Resources
    • Final Project Examples


    • Final Project Examples (AI Template)
    • Glyphs App Shortcuts
    • Font Settings (.robo File)
    • Alphabet (AI Template)


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About the Instructor

Isabel Urbina Peña

Isabel Urbina Peña

Isabel is an art director originally from Venezuela. She runs her own studio in Brooklyn, NY, where she focuses on books, lettering, typeface design and experimental handwriting. In 2015 she was named a New Visual Artist: 15 under 30 by PRINT Magazine.

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